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Decorating Tips

Decorating Tips and Painting FAQs

On this page will will be adding new information on decorating and design tips and trends. We also have a series of frequently asked questions about our services and how they work. If you have a question that you do not see listed, please feel free to contact us and we will help.

Painting Questions

  What method do you use to paint? Brush, roller or spray?

Every job we do is unique and we will use the best products, tools, methods and techquies to achive the highest quality. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your satisfaction.

  What type of paint do you use?

We use quality paint products from Cloverdale Paint and Benjamin Moore. We do our best to find eco-friendly solutions, and zero or low-VOC paints that have low odour for our indoor residential work 

  Do you do preparation work, filling and repairing holes? And what happens if you discover rotten or damaged wall areas?

We have the professionals to take care of that. We can repair holes and cracks and all the required surface preparation. The Mad Painter also performs renovations, so we have the tools, skills and carpenters to repair and rebuild rotton or damaged walls, windows sills or siding. We provide full service for you, just ask us! We are here to help! 

Terms | Privacy
© 2022 The Mad Painter, All rights reserved