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Bathroom Renovations

Not only is a bathroom an important functional room in your home, but a bathroom provides us with a private space. Imagine relaxing in deep soaker tub, perhaps with jacuzzi bubbles? This room can become your place to unwind and recharge after a long day as well as provide the functionality needed.

There are many things that we can do to improve and update your bathroom. These can include adding luxury creature comforts, added functionality or helping you improve your environmental impact by letting you use less energy

We will help you design and build a well planned room that best suits your family's needs

  • Upgrade floors
  • Upgrade cabinets by replacing or repainting
  • Improved efficiency plumbing fixtures
  • Add new fixtures
  • Improve storage space
  • Upgrade countertops
  • Mirrors and lighting
Customer Testimonials
We've been getting a lot of work done on our house in increments. kitchen remodel, exterior painting - and sometime in the future when we can save more money, a new deck and front entryway. Paul is extremely accommodating and we appreciate the time and effort of everyone involved.
Christine and Mark Blythe
Terms | Privacy
© 2020 The Mad Painter, All rights reserved